Saturday, October 2, 2010

My So-Called Life

Hello Bloggers, 

Seeing as this is my first blog I thought I would make this an open letter to anyone would dare to read it or was bored enough to. This is not a fashion or a music blog or a blog about love or any of that. This is a blog about all of that. This is about the life of a teenaged girl, who has no life. And I don't mean like the dramatic over the top, teen drama way, where their boyfriend just dumped them. I mean in the never had a boyfriend, never even been kissed or come close type of way. This is my so-called life. (And yes, I am aware that, this was a tv show from the 90s which was awesomely awesome, not to mention the most accurate depiction of teenaged life I have ever seen.) This is my life. The one where my parents spilt up right after my sister went to college (nice timing dad, real nice) so I was left to bare the brunt of their grief from this impending and what seems like never-ending break-up. The one where I've been pining over the same boy since the beginning of the school year (which has only been three weeks, but seems like three years) and of coarse because this is my life after all, he has a girlfriend. For the purposes of this blog let's just call him Jordan Catelano. And FYI he leans great!!! Then of coarse there school which has become a 1984 like jail where big-brother is always watching us. This my great life. This is my-so called life.

Oh and for the purposes of the blog you can call me Sunshine  
Oh Jordan!!!